Thursday, August 26, 2010

forever and always

first meet on facebook..just normal feeling..nothing special..suddently it heart racing and when u talking to me one on one,i feel something different..even we just talk only for a few second..(: but, for me its just a normal thing..and i happy because he become himself..

when first time face to face,waw..i really like to see his cute and i accept him the way he after day we go through our day together and i happy with him..

i love the way he is..the way he roll his eyes,the way he talk..such a good thing to me..(at first meet..haha) the main thing is,he love me the way i am..hope,he will be strong and always be with me..for me,nothings gonna change..i love him,forever and always..
he show me something that i couldn`t see and make me speechless..

we`re in love..haven`t you heard?? we`ll rock each other world..(: he got everything i have to live without..hope we`ll still strong like he said `always and forever`..

my day become more exciting but doesn`t mean it complete..,good enough for me..i hope he`ll always be behind my side..i wanna be his special..the one who with him when he happy and sad..when he really need someone to share his story,i wanna be that person!..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

damn thing!

wat hurt me the most is....
loving someone n `he` said, `i dont trust u..keep going with ur own life n hope u`re happy`
how can i be happy if u`re not with me?,not around me?...
think u`re good enough to say that??..haha..i don`t tink so honey..
truthly,i still can have a good time without u..
one day,i`ll make sure u`ll regret it..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

what i want to say.

i should done something..again
i did nothing watching us separate..
cause all i want to say is something real,
all i want you to know is how i feel
all i want to give is my heart but i`m stuck here at the start
it`s on the tips of my tongue but i`m still afraid..
sometimes the easiest things are the hardest to say..
but i dont want to lose you,drive you away..
i dont want to confuse you and only want you to know what i want to say..
i want you to say something real..all i wanted you to give is your heart but we`re stuck here,
at the usual..i dont want to lose you..but i didn`t nothing to stay still..
END OF OUR STORY..we broke up!..thats the best thing i ever done because only my heart know the truth..

tually,i don`t wanna break when i speak, i don`t wanna shake while i standing..i don`t wanna fall when i`m stand..i don`t want have to hold your hand..i just want to be the girl who i use to be..
the only way to be is to fight my every fear..and let him go with smile even it hurt..