Thursday, August 26, 2010

forever and always

first meet on facebook..just normal feeling..nothing special..suddently it heart racing and when u talking to me one on one,i feel something different..even we just talk only for a few second..(: but, for me its just a normal thing..and i happy because he become himself..

when first time face to face,waw..i really like to see his cute and i accept him the way he after day we go through our day together and i happy with him..

i love the way he is..the way he roll his eyes,the way he talk..such a good thing to me..(at first meet..haha) the main thing is,he love me the way i am..hope,he will be strong and always be with me..for me,nothings gonna change..i love him,forever and always..
he show me something that i couldn`t see and make me speechless..

we`re in love..haven`t you heard?? we`ll rock each other world..(: he got everything i have to live without..hope we`ll still strong like he said `always and forever`..

my day become more exciting but doesn`t mean it complete..,good enough for me..i hope he`ll always be behind my side..i wanna be his special..the one who with him when he happy and sad..when he really need someone to share his story,i wanna be that person!..

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